About Foliage

I was 40 years old and had been through two cancer diagnoses and treatments. I had been shunned. People thought I was contagious. My skin turned green. My hair fell out.  During that time, I was a mess physically, emotionally and mentally. I ended treatment and was getting used to my new "normal". I also found out how society really viewed and treated mature women. Since I was no longer sick and unattractive, it was implied that I should stay that way and not try to look good. I wasn't trying to look youthful but I was going to enjoy being around a little bit longer and I didn't want to look like a hag. That was met with "Sure, be expressive, but not like that. "

  Joede Brown Owner of Black Pearl Creations New Hampshire


Society tries to put us into a box of being frumpy, mean and stodgy. Don't enjoy life, don't travel, and especially don't try to look good! 40+ is not a death sentence. It does not mean for women to stop having confidence in themselves or to stop living. 
40 meant freedom. Freedom to stand out in my forward fashion outfits, freedom to express myself and to say "screw you" to society trying to make me a cat woman (and not the cute one either). 
When you look at a leaf transitioning in the fall from the green to the reds, oranges, yellows and purples, did you know that the leaf is going through her aging process? But yet, that is when the leaf is at its most beautiful stage of life.  
As mature women, we are busy. We are running corporations, getting our PhD's and taking care of families so we don't have a lot of time to be in the mirror. Foliage's pieces pull an outfit together and look stunning walking out of the door. 
Dreamcatcher scarf by FoliageGold Outfit by Foliage
100% designed and made in New Hampshire 

Crafted by Creative director and founder of Foliage, Joede Brown. Her design ethos is a commitment to a year round fall aesthetic with chunky knits and bright colors to rival the show in the White Mountains.  Joede spends a lot of time curating new fabrics and yarns giving her inspiration to design the collections. Passionate about colors and textures, she understands perfectly how to integrate them into each piece.